Manufacturers of rustic style furniture for home and business.
Manufacturers of rustic style furniture for home and business.

About Us


Forja Espanola handmade furniture is a family owned and operated business.We have over 25 years of experience in the industry.



Originally based in Tonala, Jalisco, Mexico. Our town is well known for the variety of creative artisans and overall hard working people.



Many of our customers import our products into the United States, but they have to travel to Mexico and go thru customs in order to transport their merchandise.

For our customers convenience, We have decided to open a showroom to allow you to see many of our products in person and place your orders.

We will take care of the rest.



We can provide you with the best prices, furthermore, we can assist you in designing any piece of furniture for any particular application; a bar, desk, bench, table etc. Using materials such as iron, wood, leather, glass, ceramics and more. If you have an idea we can help you make it a reality.

No order is too small or too large, we have successfully worked with many large businesses, providing complete furnishing for restaurants, hotels, bars, haciendas, casinos, even supplying well known retail chains! On the other hand, we work daily with home owners who are looking for a one of a kind piece to accentuate their homes.



Our style of furnishing is mainly rustic, western, and traditional, however, thanks to our customers’ demands, we also have experience in contemporary and minimalist styles. Having the raw materials and specialized tooling available at our disposal, we can manufacture any piece for our customers.



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